• Reviewed by:   on: //9/9/
    Food was hot and fresh, just not very flavorful. I had the orange chicken and it was mediocre at best, hardly ANY taste at all and no orange flavor. My wife purchased the chicken chow mein and she said it was terrible. The only good thing was the eggroll, but its kinda hard to screw that up. I would recommend it if you were stuck in that area and had no where else to eat. I live next door and I'll never be going back.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //9/7/
    Yes GOOD GOOD Orange Chicken BOMB Chinese Food Have ordered delivery in the past in Tempe and it was not good but this place is GOOODDDD
  • Reviewed by:   on: //9/23
    Start your review...The price was right on and the quantity was fat! The food was tasty! Seems the husband and daughter have been going here for a while and they love it too!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //9/21
    Horrible high cost and small portion's the people are very in profetiomal and don't care about customer service and good edicts I will never go again and if you want good food it's a waist of money
  • Reviewed by:   on: //8/20
    they have the best food quality, even the delivery time take a little bit longer, but the food taste great and it worth to wait.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //5/29
    Ordered some vegetable chow mein. Wanted it spicy and it had no kick at all. Lost two stars for that. Spring rolls were good though, hot and good flavor. Overall, wouldn't try this place again except for some rolls.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //5/20
    This place is pretty bad. I got the orange chicken extra spicy and it was so bland. No flavor at all. The fried rice wasnt good either. Nothing was in it is it looked and tasted like brown rice.The only reason I gave it two stars and not one is because the egg roll was good- but it's hard to screw up an egg roll as long as its warm.I don't recommend this place at all.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //4/12
    This joint has been a staple in my circle of friends and coworkers for years. Dine in, takeout and delivery. I have done it all. In the 10+ years I have been coming here, I have rarely had an issue. And if I did, they were always quick to correct whatever mistake was made. The staff is generally courteous and easy to deal with. The whole place is very laid back and I like that.I'm a big fan of their appetizers menu. The egg rolls, pot stickers and beef skewers are all fantastic and sometimes I pop in just for that.Their Lo Mein noodles are also good and they never take issue when I order my Chicken Lo Mein with no veggies. Sometimes all a man needs is some chicken and noodles and they do it up proper.They also have killer fried rice. It's really good. It's the first item I tried when I started coming here and have been hooked ever since.A dish I really dig from this place is the Mongolian Chicken. The chicken is always tender, combined with onions, garlic and green onions over a bed of noodles. I order it pretty much every time I go.This is not a gourmet restaurant. This is Chinese fast food done the right way. Fast, cheap and good. It's definitely worth checking out.
  • Reviewed by: larryclyburn  on: //2019
    Ordered chicken lo me in picked up no rice to go with it person taking order hardly understood what I said. Also ordered wonton soup and chicken wings. Won ton had tofu ( didn’t want ) and have me 3 chicken wings. I moved from n.y years ago and they have fallen off. Food disgusting and need people who understand when taking order. Food was gross.. food use to be good now food and service sucks.
  • Reviewed by: tbrown018  on: //2019
    I've been trying to call and getting no answer. Are you no longer open?
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