• Reviewed by: tammynasher  on: //2021
    Best Chinese food in the east valley. Fresh vegetables and wonderful preparation! I grew up on Chinese food via my Uncle Walter Ong and he loved this place too. My roommate, Jack Schroeder got this on Friday and it never disappoints.
  • Reviewed by: larryclyburn  on: //2019
    Ordered chicken lo me in picked up no rice to go with it person taking order hardly understood what I said. Also ordered wonton soup and chicken wings. Won ton had tofu ( didn’t want ) and have me 3 chicken wings. I moved from n.y years ago and they have fallen off. Food disgusting and need people who understand when taking order. Food was gross.. food use to be good now food and service sucks.
  • Reviewed by: tbrown018  on: //2019
    I've been trying to call and getting no answer. Are you no longer open?
  • Reviewed by: elledevon  on: //2019
    Hey been trying to call. Called more then 20 times. Going directly to voice mail everytime. Trying to order online but I dont like that at all. And have been ordering from you for over 20 years. Very disappointed that the phone is not being answered.
  • Reviewed by: madelyn.lietz  on: //2018
    Food was amazing! Delivery was very quick, the food was definitely freshly made and still hot. Fair pricing, as well as great customer service- will be eating here again
  • Reviewed by: shamitriag  on: //2018
    I love the food always but please add more pictures to the gallery.
  • Reviewed by: marcdesmith  on: //2018
    Placed order online, received confirmation, but food never came. Started calling the restaurant after an hour passed, but no answer after multiple attempts over the next hour. Used to be a decent place from which to order food.
  • Reviewed by: ninirenee74  on: //2017
    We had a large order (Me and co workers ordered)and we were missing an order of crab puffs I called and advised we were missing that one item, first lady was reading wrong order then we went over our order all was correct, then going to ask me did someone else open the bag before you ? then kept questioning me and reading my order over to me finally a man got on the phone did the same thing I finally got upset and said look I don't understand why you keep questioning me and we placed a large order and tipped your driver good just bring us our crab puffs man said ok when my driver gets back I will send him NEVER BROUGHT THE CRAB PUFFS bet our company NEVER orders from here!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: ws12754  on: //2017
    I've been getting delivery for more than 10 years. Never great, but pretty good for the price. Until today. Ordered 3 shrimp meals. We all agreed the food was nuked in the Styrofoam box. Had to be. It was all soggy and stuck together. But I'll give them one more shot.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
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