• Reviewed by:   on: 19/10/2009
    I asked for a dish to go and when I got home they said that's what I had asked for. I had to throw away the food because I asked for a dish with only vegetables and I got one with slimy pink chicken. When I called them to let them know ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 09/09/2009
    You can always count on a fast but good meal. Take out or eat in, the service is great. You'll find most of your average Chinese favorites. We have used them for group lunches, called ahead and they deliver too. ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 02/09/2009
    I used to work in the strip center that the Golden Egg Roll is located. The food smells delicious every time I pass it, but one of the first things my ex-coworkers told me when I started working there is: Don't eat at the Golden Egg Roll. They have seen some pretty gross things happen outside the restaurant they make us suspicious of the health levels of the food. After seeing some things myself (cockroaches plus rice; need I say more?), I believe them. It probably does taste absolutely delicious. Just be cautious.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 23/06/2009
    But on a whim we tried Golden Egg Roll out. We were sooo pleasantly surprised. Have loved everything we have got there. They have a combo plate and bring the wonton and eggroll after your food gets to you. Sometimes so late you are half ...?
  • Reviewed by: mbeith  on: 28/07/2008
    love the fried rice! beset ever!
  • Reviewed by: kenyajohnson  on: 28/07/2008
    wonderful service
  • Reviewed by: beyendcivilization  on: 28/07/2008
    yummy fried rice
  • Reviewed by:   on: 19/07/2008
    Golden Eggroll ALWAYS has great service; whether I'm picking something up on the way home or have it delivered. Their house Chicken Combo is the best. It feeds me for 2 days. Even when some of the counter people are busy, they always thank me for coming in. Some of the staff doesn't understand English well, but they make the effort, which means a lot to me. The best take out or dine in at very reasonably priced dinners. I can get a good meal for under $15.00. Can't do that at PF Changs.
  • Reviewed by: tiggs1172  on: 27/06/2008
    Golden Eggroll has the BEST vegetable Egg Foo Young around. I always order it, and can't find any other place that even comes close to the great taste of Golden Eggroll. The staff is also always friendly and knows us as loyal customers. And the new decor is a vast improvement. Keep up the good work!
  • Reviewed by: piceas21  on: 25/06/2008
    Well I moved to Chandler and still will come here Im very picky and wont eat at any other chinese food res. Thanks Eggroll!
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